Satori /səˈtôrē/ a simple definition “sudden enlightenment” growth by insight, it is like an “A-ha!” the moment when something clicks, and you pick up an idea or concept for growth. You are inspired by the “A-ha!” and this creates a shift in you and your impact.

Executive Coaching

What is the impact you have on your team? What is the impact your team has on each other? The impact created by the manager, leader or even a team player has a ripple effect in an organization. What is your ripple? The ripple effects, first of all, affect you, the team, retention, the client, culture and the bottom line. Executive Coaching through assessments and one-on-one coaching creates self-awareness, improves impact and directly affects the bottom-line.

Leadership Development & Facilitation

What type of leader are you?  What are the different types of leaders in your organization?  How do you best work together as a team? What is the culture you want to develop the organization?  Think about these questions and if you do not have clear answers, book a complimentary Strategy Session.  Leadership development & facilitation will enhance culture and organizational alignment impacting employees and clients. Let’s get started!

Career Coaching

Are you ready to take the next step in your career? Are you stuck and want to make a change? Are you looking for a drastic change? Career coaching will focus on you and what you want to create. Assessments will uncover your impact and strengths to take your career to the next level. If you don’t take charge of your career, who will? Let’s get started, a Strategy Session is complimentary.